Friday, June 02, 2006

Let's Go!

Episode 3 LET'S GO!
Part 1 in a three part series.

In March, Pastors Alvin and Diana gave their sons and daughters in the Gospel the opportunity to release the Word of God.

The result? Our God is Awesome!

The preaching and teaching that went forth fit together so well it almost seemed like all Ministers had gotten together privately to make it happen! The Word was so rich that we just have to share it with you.

This episode features Elder Gary Kempson who spoke to us from the subject "Let's GO! His message encourages us to step out in faith and take possesion of all that God has for each of us. Like the children of Israel, we have become comfortable wandering in the desert of our lives. It's time to move into our Promised Land!

You have to experience it to understand so click below and enjoy!!

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Let's Go!